HEYA! I know it’s been a while since I posted. I have something to announce now that I’m releasing a brand new song on the internet for the first time in almost two years. The song is called “Bruise.” Here you can stream/download fo’ free!


Sweet wine bottles
Stacked upon the shelves
Around your beach house
From the nights where we had whispered
‘Till the moon
Went down

A heart taken
A chest breaking
A heart taken
My chest breaking in

I had wanted you
My hand, you choose
I still want you
Let go, I’ll bruise
For you

Still as stars we gazed upon them
Laughing loud into the cold air
We forgot about your wife
But really though

You’re not married
Feelings buried
You’re not married
Feelings buried down

I had wanted you
My hand you choose
I still want you
Let go, I’ll bruise
For you

But here’s the truth
I’d go after you
If she didn’t love you too…

I had wanted you
My hand do you choose
I still want you
Let me go, I’ll fall and I’ll bruise
For you


Real talk, so where have I been?  Roaming the central time zones. Specifically Nashville. I may or may not have burned myself out and spread myself too thin. I started going back to school and changed up my framework of living. I have written, recorded, and performed here and there, but I hadn’t really publicly promoted AMG and #AngieLand sounds. As a gift from me to you, for patiently putting up with me, this song is fo’ free on Soundcloud :] (^above^). Because this song is relatively straightforward, unlike some of my previous work, I don’t want to explain too much. This song is a slow dance with heartache. It’s a jaw-clenched smile and polite nod to hopeless romanticism. It’s a story about having a friend, who you wish was more than a friend, but, alas, we always want what we cannot have. Writing this felt different than writing some of my previous works. I’m not sure how, but you can be the judge of it. There were a few awesome hands that helped make it happen. They aren’t just hands, they are all very talented friends of mine.

The Button Pusher aka Recording Engineer: Dylan Roth
Evan Rogers: Slappin da Bass
Sawyer Dickenson: Hittin da Drum Box
Laura Epling: Violin and Background Vox
Ryan Morris: Background Vox, and also Mixing Engineer & Master Engineer

Without the hours of dedication from these people, I could not have made this song come to life.
Oh, I did play the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, and sing lead vox on this too. I’m apart of the credits too aren’t I? Silly me. Enough talk. Here’s some pictures.

Here is my official logo. I’ve put this on T-shirts, bandanas, and the general internets. I’ll be sure to make more when I have the resources.

This might be my next album/ep cover, because I can’t seem to recreate this, and it has the right amount of gloom. It was almost the cover of art for “Bruise,” but I decided to create its own image. What do you think?

Also, I did a photoshoot with my 14 year old nephew, Jason.



I think he’s a pretty boss photographer. Fortunately, he caught me at sunset right before I fly back up to Lumpy Space to hang out with Lumpy Space Princess. Hahaha just kidding. If I could fly into the world of Adventure Time, I probably wouldn’t fly to Lumpy Space. Really though, Jason snapped a few sweet shots with my iPhone, and I’m lucky enough to have him around. AMG & JMG FTW Y’ALL!

Jason M. Go!

Jason M. Go!

He’s a cool kiddo, and I can’t wait to see what he does.

I’m back! With music and pictures! Thanks for waiting! :]

p.s. If you’d like to donate to help fund future productions (like an EP ;), you can set your own price for “Bruise” on Bandcamp and give as little or as much as you desire >>>>



Hello Daughter, Hello New Years

To start off the year of 2013 with my blurbs, this is my Obsession #2583
Daughter composed of: Lead singer Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli, and Remi Aguilella


You can buy her stuff on iTunes too. 😀 I am currently latching every internal part of me onto her words. Specifically the song “Woods.” As much as I hold on it, it holds onto me too

“The Woods”

I asked Saint Christopher
To find your sister
And she ran out in the woods
And she ran out in the woods

Oh, it was certain then
And we were trying to stop the winter
Killing all it could
Killing all it could

And I pray a lot for you
And I look out for you

We are what we are
Don’t need no excuses
For the scars
From our mothers

And we know what we know
‘Cause we’re made of all the little bones
Of our fathers

And I pray a lot for you
And I look out for you

And I pray a lot for you
And I look out for you

I asked Saint Christopher
To find your sister
She ran out in the woods
‘Cause she ran out in the woods



Loving and Lifting,

Naked Is Beautiful Is Naked


I thought about writing a vague artsy/metaphor-filled post about how I am like Lykke Li’s Diary update, which is beautiful and read-able, but lacking something solid. I love to write that way. Build a beautiful wall of metaphors and indiscernible songs to protect my heart and innocence. I also thought about just posting a bunch of cool/cute pics.

Being a Bad Ass Bull Dog

Being a B.A. Bull

omg Dave Franco 'n Cuddles <3

omfg Dave Franco ‘n Cuddles ❤

^^I shopped at whole foods with him one time. Kind of. Okay I just ran into him.



I want a pet teacup pig named Babe one day.

Yes, I could do all that distracting–Well, okay just one more…



I could just float in the comfortable, cute hemisphere of the internet, but sometimes I have to venture out into uncomfortable and difficult. Really, I should be posting up this ish

I admire people who are honest about their struggles in life and can tell their story as is, as well is crafting waterfalls of metaphors. I find it beautiful when a person can stand quite vulnerable to an audience/large group of people, and say, “Hey, here I am. Take it or leave it.” It is BEAUTIFUL to be NAKED. It takes STRENGTH to be vulnerable.


I want to be able to share my story with you guys, but I’ve no idea where to start. Reflecting upon things, I’ve traveled over 3500 miles the past year.

Most of that happened in short bursts of time. I’ve learned a lot, lived a lot, felt it all and still have so much more to learn. With all that, let’s ease in, and start here, with music. I’m currently in Austin giging at little open mics around the town where EVERYONE IS REALLY TALENTED. ALL THE PEOPLE.
I’m currently obsessed with Austin’s very own Wild Child.

The song “The Tale Of You & Me” is my favorite, especially the ending. I actually first discovered them while browsing on which is always an adventure for mavens.

<33333 Please sit back and enjoy the uke.

Play With Me Please?

So when things are shit, sometimes I’ll play this game. It’s called name things you are super grateful for. You should play it one day. Pepper yourself with pen/pencil and paper. Kay, all peppered? I do one and then you do one. Be really specific.
Let’s GO.

1. Silenced Knight.
I know I mentioned Fitocracy in my last post, but really I gotta give a little shout out to Reora, DAQT, brothad, Jen, a few others on fito, and specifically Silenced Knight. This guy.
they have inspired me/ become big fans of my music. They saw my music video on the youtubes, and bam. So much so that SK even bought my music on iTunes. TWICE. Not once, but twice! :”’D really now.

2. My Hands.
Yes my ten fingers. My thumbs and fingernails and skin. You know why?? Not just cause I use them for music, but for EVERYTHING. I have not IDEA what it be like without them. I’ve done so much good with these hands of mine. Also, destructive things, but I wouldn’t trade my small hands for anyone else’s Additionally, I’ve been told I have purdy fingers and soft hands–minus the crazy callous on my fingertips from guitar of course. How else am I to hold your heart?

3. Bridget.
She’s been my best friend since high school, through my crazyness, and continues through my current cray cray. In fact I love all my friends from H.S. that still call me up. What would I do without you guys?? You guys are really there for me. I mean like not just half ass in my life, like no, really you actually care about my well being and existence in the world. And you can see my ugliest me and still love me. That’s real to me.

4. My Physical Therapists: Nola an Clara
OMG THEY ARE SUCH CUTE OLD LADIES. They are both tiny, skinny, sweet, precious ladies. Nola is this little old asian lady and Clara is this skinny–I can’t really tell how old she is–small Columbian lady. They alternate between helping me out. They so nice. I see them deal with really vocal/complainy people and they’re really good about it. And then with me, I’m super quiet/serious about my P.T., so Clara likes to make jokes and say okay now do this stretch 100xs and I’m like O.O oh LOL.

5. “Love More” by Sharon Van Etten

I first heard this through Bon Iver’s Cover of it, and I was hooked. Then I listened to the original, and then I was like REALLY addicted.

When I heard the original, it reminded me of my own “Love to Miss Me Forever.” When I showed “Love More” to my broface Adrian, he that he thought he was listening to someone do a cover of my music when I showed him.

6. How freakin beautiful it looks in the park.
So today it’s rainy, and I can’t run outside, but the other day when I went running, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. I ran to the park near my house, headed to the top of the highest hill and stretched. It was so freakin’ PEACEFUL. The wind, the sun, the little children playing. It was suburbia at it’s most wonderfulest. I shoulda taken a picture now that I think about it, but I was busy absorbing the BEATUIFULNESS.

7. The little kids that give me their money.
Okay that sounds terrible. Let me clarify. When I play at Potbelly, my favorite thing is when the little children that come in waddle towards me and just stare forever, or at least until their parents herd them away. Typically what happens is they are busy oogling my playing/dancing around, and their parents get a little break. The babies, if they can talk/walk, ask if they can give me a dollar and the parents oblige, or the parents will give me money if their children aren’t old enough yet. They are so cute in their wonderment and awe. BABIESSSS.

8. The warm weather.
OMG the warmth here. When I was up in Chicago, my skin got really dry, and I was constantly cold. If you know me really well, you know my hands/feet are constantly randomly cold. UGH. My skin’s back to normals–don’t worry it’s mostly soft ;). When I got back here to H-town in Jan., I wore shorts. YES I DID. Cause I CAN. It was like nothing. Also, I hate running in the cold. I’d rather sweat when I run than have my ears hurt when I’m cold.

9. Almond Butter.
I freakin’ love eating Almond Butter. ALL THE TIME. ON EVERYTHING. I’ve been super vegan lately, exercising, and working on that six pack, and it’s seriously my favorite snack.



I’ve eaten it on bananas, apples, carrots, thinly-sliced zucchini, crackers, in my brotein shakes, with chocolate, and I will just eat a spoonful by itself. I can go through jars of ’em pretty fast.

10. My creativity.
Oh yeah. Intangible self-quality. I went there. There are many a memories I hold onto from childhood, one being told I’m creative. Actually my teachers constantly told my parents and me that I am such a creative little girl. In kindergarden I remember Mrs. Crenshaw bopping me on the head with a rolled up paper saying so to my ‘rents. I didn’t really realize what it meant then, but looking back on how I was, it makes sense now. My creativity has always been there driving away at my being. It’s why I am AngiE.

Now your turn. You don’t have to explain each one. If you come up with more than 10 that’s even better. :]

Peace & ❤

Hugs Not Strugs*

Strug* lyfe. Strugs not drugs. Hugs not drugs. Strugs not loves. No wait.
Kay so here are some interesting updates about my strug lyfe. As you all know from my last post, I’ve got some strugs… BUTT I’m feeling in better spirits today, so don’t worry, this are just general lyfe updates.

So lykke first I went to the party in Nola that is Mardi Gras

Ridin' an Elephant

Ridin' an Elephant

No wait first, I hurt my shoulder binge working out here on fitocracy.

Fitocracy is one of my fave hang outs online. I love how supportive they are about your fitness!!
We doodle together on fitocracy

We doodle together on fitocracy ❤

Next to vol. 1

They’re a supportive creative community. I really love both worlds. They inspire me to live and breathe to my very best breath.

I go to these places more than fb basically. They are social media at it’s best. I digress.
Then I went to Nola and took a break from binge working out and playing guitar for 3-4 hrs a day at work/home. (I work at as a musician at Potbelly)
see here me icing my hand:

Icen my hand

Icen my hand

After the PartyGras, I got sick, but I continued to play AND sing.
My Face painted with some dudes

My Face painted with some dudes

Being all injured and doing work with injuries, I decided to go to the doctor.I gots me an MRI and such.
NOW, I have I’m pretty sure I’ve got nodule/polyp in my throat (don’t worry I won’t show you squeemish ones a pic), and I haz a Mild Rotary Cuff Tendonitis in my left shoulder. Who knooowws what I have in my right shoulder, let alone the rest of my body. But who cares about the rest of my body as long as I can still do my musics. (That’s a joke, I’m a big health nut. Too much in fact. Partially what got me my tendentious with the binge working out and all.)

Those are my strugs, but I’m still giving hugs. And I’m still getting hugs too. Like this 50$ tip.

50 dolla billz

50 dolla billz

This bible study student listened to me for a while and made a bet with God that if I played a Christian song he’d give me a $50 bill. I played “Hallelujah” and well I got a fifty! If I was having a bad day, I would have probably cried right then and there, but I was just normal that day. I was/am shocked. Maybe it’s God winking at me. I think God does that occasionally.

So this is post is everywhere, but I’m everywhere so that’s me. And about my shoulder and voice? Well I’m still gonna play moderately, and I’m not singing for a while. Don’t worry I’m still pulling out things for Project 52 though 😉

I gtg now. I’m chatting with my fitocracy friends!


*strug = abbreve** for struggl(es/er)/ing
**abbreve = abbreviation

I’m In Houston. Please, Let Me Explain.

This is the email, phone call, message, facebook response, etc. that I owe a lot of you. I don’t know who exactly reads this as I had like 2,000 hits last year, but I’m assuming at least some of my friends are reading this. 

Where do I begin?

I’ll try to not to keep this to a min. Most of you know that I was in Chicago adventuring about the city’s open mics and working through out the summer and fall. I was accepted into Berklee for Spring of 2012, this semester. I did everything in my power to get there, but it wasn’t enough. I tried my best, and I failed. Long story short, I was supposed to get an outside scholarship that was pretty much going to cover all the costs for Berklee, as they’re not giving me much more than a little financial aid, but things went awry. Things were lost in translation in the transaction, and they couldn’t get the scholarship to me in time. Pretty much, without this I couldn’t go. I had no plan B. I’m as broke as my parents. I really believed that I was going to be in Boston right now, but I am not. I am broken in Houston. There’s something about broken promises that make me question the value of living and benefits of being alive at all. Everything is out of my control. It has been killing everyday me since this happened in December.

I’m not trying to get any pity, but I am just explaining to you why I have been in this depressive state, why I de-activated my facebook, why I haven’t been answering/responding to anyone’s messages or wall posts. This is my apology for ignoring you. Every time I thought about it I would break down and pound on the earth for giving me life. I am lost. Every time I thought about it, I felt like somebody was telling me I’m not meant to be musician. I should have just studied something practical like math because I am so good at it. Well actually, I did have people telling me this. I shouldn’t be doing something as stupid as endeavoring to succeed in a profession I love. Who am I to think I can do this? I am being told music was not meant for me. I was actually starting to listen to those voices, and it is the saddest feeling I’ve ever experienced. It’s completely different from any other weight that I have felt, this boulder tearing across everything that holds my cracked faith. I tried to imagine my life without music and everything seemed completely pointless. All life is completely pointless and makes no sense without music. This is why I didn’t want to have to explain to you all I am in Houston, and not in Boston.
On many levels, I have failed myself and broken so many of my own promises. I remember in high-school I tried to calculate if I could graduate early to start college early, and most of you should know why. Now I’m back at the start, tearing at my seams again. I’m sorry for not ignoring you when you probably care about my well being more than the profession I’m pursuing. 

I have heard many a talks from some of my family members and a few close friends that actually know where I am in the world. They’ve been coaxing me out of this irrational dark hole I’ve dug myself. That I’ve found myself in once or twice in the past. 

If you’re still reading then props for you. I’m trying to see the hope thats here. I’m trying to remember all the strangers that I met around Chicago that told me they loved my music and told me they believed in me. I can still go to Berklee in the summer or the spring of next year. I am a paid musician at potbelly. I go to open mics at Fitzgerald’s. I’m keeping busy, trying to do a song a week for this damn year that’s ahead of me. There are still things to be done. There’s fight in me. Everyone who knows me well, knows that about me. I have no idea what I am doing with my life. I’ve never taken a road well traveled. It scares the shit out of me, but I’m still trying.


Stop SOPA, PIPA, and all other Devil Derivatives

I’ve censored the following, in protest of a bill that gives any corporation and the US government the power to censor the internet–a bill that could pass THIS WEEK. To see the uncensored text, and to stop internet censorship, visit:

██████, ███████ ████ ██████████████ and ████ ████ to ████ no. I ████ on the ████████. Our ███████ of ██████ is ████ █████ ████ ███████ ███████. How ████ ████ try and ████ ████ ████.

Uncensor This

Contact your representative here:

Sign this petition too:

Just DO something. Or else this will be the end of the internet, education, and freedom as we know it.

Hurray For The Random

Hurray For The Riff Raff – Junebug Waltz.

^^eff yeah #NOLA

Also, I just turned 21….

I should be more excited?? Rieeght?? After all I did get a free scoop of Chocolate-chip ice cream at Baskin Robins.

Hrmmm. I think I’ve temporarily turned off all feelings and emotions right now. Cause if I had any, I would probably cry, for most of my family and friends are at least 1000 miles south of me. MAYBE I can cry a river of 1000 miles and float down it to them. Hmmm. I think it would probable freeze cause it’s so damn cold here. Damnit. Or I could ice skate down the frozen river of tears. Then the ice would break, I would fall in, develop frostbite and loose my precious guitar playing fingers to gangrene. Scratch that. Frozen-river-of-tears is a bad idea.

I just really want to go to Berklee now. And Sleep. Sleep like a sloth.

Sleep Like a Sloth

Sleep Like a Sloth.

Let’s look at cool stuff that I’ll never buy.

Motherf*ckin' Aquarium table

Motherf*ckin' Aquarium table

Motherf*ck*n Troncycle

Motherf*ck*n Troncycle

Motherf*ck*in Pool-Touch-Table

Motherf*ck*in Pool-Touch-Table

Maybe if I win like 7 grammy’s, I MIGHT buy that pool table and roll around on it. And have lot’s of crazy orgies. Just kidding about the orgies. I don’t do that. That’s not cool. I don’t mean you’re not cool if that’s what you do with your spare time. Go right ahead, orgy on bro! I don’t advocate them. Okay let’s stop talking about orgies. (#INEEDTOSTOP SAYING THE WORD ORGIES.)

This is the most random post ever. I just felt like I needed to update this a little, and I have been reading too much of the bloggess who is one of the most awesomest Texan gals that blog.



We’ll Catch Up (Up Up) Soon

Sorry about not updating this earlier. I’ve just be so busy… I’m currently working on this album, well I should say editing/mastering it. As much as I know how to with my garageband. I’m gonna release it around my birthday (Nov. 30th), but I haven’t decided the exact date. I’ve inserted myself through a whole bunch of websites. You can listen to “Beautiful Home” here:

OR you can Stream Beautiful Home on Spotify

You can name your price (free or pls$s donate $ome $$$) here:

OR you can purchase it straight-up $0.99
here on –> iTunes or
here on –> Amazon

All your money$$$ is going straight to my tuition for my upcoming semester at Berklee College of Music in January. That school is expensive. Damn.

Look at me.

It's Texas Christmas weather in Chicago

I feel like it's winter time. But I'm in the north.

It’s only November here in Chi-town, but I just saw my first snow today

Shit, I love them.
Just look.

Givers & I should be friends

Givers & I should be friends

Look at them.
They have their new album out “In Light” which I’ve been listening to a whole bunch on Spotify. I love that they’re from Lafayette, not too far from Nolalove.

I’ve heard a few versions of “Up Up Up” and I think they accomplished exactly the perfect mix with this version on the album.
Even acoustically, without the bells and whistles they’re delicious ear-candy

And delicious eye-candy as well
mmm Givers mmm

mmm Givers mmm

❤ Angie

I Sing. I Dance. I Steal Things.

Oh Hai therre. This is me a little over a year ago.

This is me last weekend

I think I’ve improved since then.

Errday I'm Hustlin'

Errday I'm Hustlin'

I’ve recently got a huugeee influx of fans on reverbnation. The majority of them being Hip-Hop Heads. I ain’t complainin’, but it’s interesting.
I love that I have people from all around the globe listening and watching me.

Fans of My Poison & Wine Cover

Fans of My Poison & Wine Cover

These are just the statistics for one video, 358 views. Not counting the fans I have on twitter, fb, reverbnation, etc…
I really love you guys. Whoever and wherever you are. I don’t know where I would be without your support. You inspire me. Keep on keepin’ on.

Always GOing//GrOwing,


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